Welcome back witten Dallas Cowboys shirt

Welcome back witten Dallas Cowboys shirt
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Lmao, they gonna choke as usual cowgirls always do… And America’s team? Don’t make me laugh texas is the least American of all the states. America’s team would be the Green Bay Packers You can never outnumber cowgirls fan cause there are 25 million Texas residents 20 million are girls fans Y’all ain’t lying. I was the hype of. I was nine years old the last time they won the Super Bowl. I’m trying to see that again! Actually, the Cowboys have won 5 playoff games since 1996, but it really doesn’t matter anyway.

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This is funny regardless. Mark Tremonti doesn’t deserve the humiliation to be involved in this. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Them cowgirls are improving went from 1 and done with Romo now they may be able to go 2 and toast under Dak. No matter what that shill Chris Collingsworth says they are NOT America’s team.

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