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I hope our Israeli brothers and sisters will work on understanding their fellow Palestinians and both can find peace. The seeds of division do not serve a positive purpose. I know neither side is blameless but one side has to be the one to say that enough is enough. I know it will be hard and perhaps even dangerous but I can only hope that someday soon understanding and compassion can win. I am Eritrean refuge I live in Israel for 8years without any right ,but, I love ,if Netanyahu, wins,Good ,another part wins,Good,wishing all the Top trending shirt from ueltee 2019/04/09 best for Isreal people,within their I would like to point out that under the British ruling, the people were never able to vote their own chief governors as they were appointed by the UK government, so was also a dictator then? the leader once again, communal-fascists wins, just like they won in Tibet and Xinjiang. All these so-called “liberals” are silent. They either draw a false moral equivalency with the West and play, or they just shut up.



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