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My mentor is dyslexic and things like Winnie the Pooh no matter where we are our hearts will bring us together again retro shirt and now he’s known as the millionaire creator. Because he’s helped so many people reach their goals. Thank you for being such a blessing. My daughter dyslexic and in school, she told. So that she retarded and would never have Winnie the Top trending shirt from 2020fashisshirt 2019/08/04 Pooh. She is now a lead supervisor at a cabinet design company! But this has followed her through her life and she still relives those insecurities, far worse than dyslexia itself!! I have felt those insecurities too. But it took me to get Winnie the Pooh, to think no I am good enough. Your daughter has done amazing Winnie the Pooh. People can be cruel, sometimes not even realizing what they have done. You are proud of her and so you should be. I really hope she realizes how good she is soon.



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