Cows make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt

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Considering Kenneth Star’s report was released to the public in two days after being released to Congress, and Barr summarized this report in 4 pages after criticizing this investigation I feel they are covering for trump. If it truly exonerated him then why hasn’t it been released to the public? I have never seen such a corrupt group of people running our country , those who can not see it is because they don’t want to, I look forward to seeing the true Mueller report as written by Mueller, not the report as envisioned by Barr who is property of Trump  have done active shooting exercises when I was a police officer ( retired ).

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Cows make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt

Sounds like there wasn’t a proper briefing before on limits of types of action ( how close to shooting, area of the body, etc. As for the picture above of girl, they put on fake blood to make things look real. If America wants to presume every citizen is a militant and a member of a potential militia.

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