SuperNatural 15 years anniversary shirt

SuperNatural 15 years anniversary shirt
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Remember. If we continually use the past as a tool to victimize ourselves and others, we learn nothing. We allow hate to ultimately win the war against hate. Forgive all. Rebuild on new foundations. The Europeans and Americans must ashamed of their forefather’s brutality against humanity, but they are still proud of their dark history. Your Lord Jesus is not going to advocate you on the day of judgment. Why do they not mention that slavery existed long before the USA existed?? The bible has rules about the slaves the Jews owned… China used slaves to build the wall… Slave traders used African kings to capture people to sell to the slave traders Were these slave traders American born Christian white Britons like their brethren British born.

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Christian white Britons who were the first African slave traders before there was even an America on Earth? Oh this comment section is going to become very interesting and no doubt with plenty who have a lot of ignorance and like sitting on a high horse regarding their own past Things are changing – but Joe Biden still embodies a decent, caring man. Not too many competitors in this space! Hang in there Joe – the times they are a’changin but u have the ability to change with them. He has handled this issue with honesty, awareness, and sincerity, not like Trump who keeps covering all his pathetic misogyny with more lies. Why are we not going after Trump, oh I forgot he is above the law and makes his own rules. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am with the pettiness, move on.

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