Rip Nipsey Hussle Having Strong Enemies Is A Blessing 1985 2019 shirt

Rip Nipsey Hussle Having Strong Enemies Is A Blessing 1985 2019 shirt
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Luckily he worked hard and planted his seeds of the idea within the heads of many. Just need leaders to rise and nourish the work he has done. Then and only then will everyone prosper. Take your victory lap Nipsey! It’s not your burden anymore. Rest In Peace. Seriously people! Nipsey Hussle is looking down at you guys right now, he isn’t happy with what he is seeing! He didn’t ask for this, he wanted peace. He wanted love! You guys didn’t give that to him. He is shaking his head! He just died yesterday. He doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt, he wants everyone to get along! He wants peace and love! My God, why does something so peaceful and beautiful, have to turn into something so disastrous!?!

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I’m older and have to admit I’ve never heard of this talented young man. And my heart broke at this senseless killing of such a talented, giving and obviously a young man with a huge heart. Hopefully, Everyone involved in this horrible crime, no matter the excuses, will be brought to justice. This is the last thing Nipsey Hussle would have wanted to happen in his memory. My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and friends and to all of the people that were hurt tonight in this senseless chaos. May he Rest In Peace always, and his music lives on for all that loved it and him forever.

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