Frida Kahlo sunflower shirt

Frida Kahlo sunflower shirt
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Most of these are roosters doing what they should- protecting their flocks from threats. However, why would you need such aggressive roosters in most cases? Teasing doesn’t help either. I grew up on a farm. Every day, I used to collect the eggs from the hayshed. There was one hen that would appear out of nowhere, after, I collected the eggs and chase me across the paddock. Thankfully it never caught me. It was terrifying, Not funny knew a lil girl had a rooster put her eye out. The rooster that chaser my lil girl got killed by her lil girl that lost her eye was their neighbor An their rooster.

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Had a road island red that would attack for no reason, my son & I went to go feed the horses one day and he attacked us and his spurs were long…Needless to say, he didn’t make it. My husband was mad the next morning when he got home from work. I was tired of him trying to attack and several times came close to getting me. This was me at my Aunt Jennie’s house, but I would be screaming, lol those chickens would chase me every Sunday! Our pig was chasing me I didn’t realize he just wanted the food in the bucket until I dropped it screaming and running Those chickens aren’t playing, they are trying to attack those children. I’d advise keeping the little babe’s away!

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