Flower Dickhead Dog Noma Bar shirt

Flower Dickhead Dog Noma Bar shirt
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Perhaps the executioner would prefer using a method that causes less pain. He/She may feel less conflicted if their chore does not include witnessing added pain. Imagine being the person who pushes the button or gives the shot. In theory, the executioner is not emotionally involved. But, what if his/her nights become filled with nightmares. To have mercy on the guilty could include having mercy on the guiltless. Please think about it. I think the government should get out of the killing business.

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Life in prison has more pain and suffering until natural death. Death row appeals cost more in lawyer and other costs than the cost of keeping an inmate alive. All they’re doing is euthanasia that opens up another prison bed. Lethal injection has three parts. The death row inmate is strapped to a gurney. Medical personnel starts an IV line, injects a sedative, and then a paralyzing drug. The executioner comes in and injects the lethal dose. The medical examiner declares the inmate dead. There’s no pain and suffering. It’s no longer execution. It’s a government-sponsored euthanasia.

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