Floral Disney Hakuna Matata it means no worries shirt
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we already polluted the sea, we wanted to pollute it more? why not find a way to make desserts more habitable,..the sea is not our home, and we keep polluting it, what will happen if more cities would be built Totally got it wrong. I expect The Mayor of London. Drives everywhere. It’s always about taking from the low incomes. Take take take. But not a lot gave back. We do have a serious problem with Air pollution, but you need to do more to make the changes affordable. The kids in this video. “The trucks and buses can damage my lungs, so mummy makes we close the window in our Chelsea Tractor when she takes me the 90 min, a quarter of a mile journey to school.

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Floral Disney Hakuna Matata it means no worries shirt

I love that if you have enough money to buy a newer, cleaner, car then you don’t pay extra. But if you are poorer and can’t afford the cost of a newer vehicle, then they sting you for more money. Last year I visited Mexico city my eyes were irritated, lungs were affected adversely also too many cars. I lived in London for 30 years of public transport is better than any other place I’ve ever been to. So my petrol Jeep from early 2002 that gets 16mpg is exempt, but my wife’s Corsa which uses much less fuel, has newer emissions technology is subject to the charge.

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