Dragonfly and Moon Hello darkness my old friend shirt

Dragonfly and Moon Hello darkness my old friend shirt
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This strikes me as unethical. Sure, we do lots of unethical stuff to animals. However, invading their bodies and even hijacking control of their movements at our whims as if they were toys seems especially unethical. They may be insects, but I don’t see that as a free pass to do whatever we want to them just because we want to do so. Bruh like I literally imagines the scene in getting Out where the ppl are only able to see and witness their life while someone else controls it.

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This is like being abducted and experimented on by giant hairless monkey aliens. I know dragonflies aren’t as smart as us and all, but certainly it rather not have its movements controlled. Over a billion and billion of bugs or insects in the world…they will be fine….and plus I find it hard to believe that people care about insects when especially you kill about hundreds of them while driving your car.

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