Don't be a salty heifer shirt

Don’t be a salty heifer shirt
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I’m not a bitch but I am tired of everyone’s shit and how I’m treated his and yours included with yours. So I know everything about a strangers life based off of my own assumptions and ignoring their comments. But would love to see how you woulda turned out if you had gone through what I had. Considering I don’t lie cheat steal have no out of wedlock kids.

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So I speak out for domestic violence rescue animals own my own business. And I’m a supervisor In my main job and don’t do drugs or alcohol. I’d say my life despite being abused and mistreated and treated like shit via strangers assumptions turned out fine without Rabbits. So who thinks they know others is a huge trigger for me. Sometimes they die. So sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.

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