Cosmos seeds dickhead dog shirt

Cosmos seeds dickhead dog shirt
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What about what’s happening in the UK we are being kept in the EU regime against are will we voted to leave and we remain against our will but I forget Brussels Broadcasting Corporation are biased and won’t run a story to upset their masters in Brussels will they Thanks to willful ignorance of people who think that they spent five minutes researching online qualifies them better than people who spent seven years or longer in Medical school I had measles when I was 5 my mother kept me in a dark room for two weeks otherwise I would now be blind … My 4 sons have had all vaccinations offered, thank god I live in the first world The link between the vaccine & Autism was disproved a while ago.

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In order for these infectious diseases to be irradiated there has to be what’s known as “ herd immunity” sadly some parents would prefer to still believe this discredited information so there isn’t the “herd immunity” needed to protect all our children so those not immunized those too young to have been immunized are at risk People don’t realize mumps can make you deaf I’m 52 years old and we never had the vaccine back then, I got mumps I’m deaf in ones ear,you probably think not to bad ,but when you can’t tell direction,think about it ??please have Mir vacation

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