Charlie brown baseball league shirt

Charlie brown baseball league shirt
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To those of you who wonder why the authorities did not investigate sooner: It’s not like the 21 people ate their food at work and dropped dead. It appears they were poisoned gradually and died of various causes (e. g. different types of cancer, heart failure as a variety of poisonous substances was used). There are 700 employees working at the company 21 dead in 18 years and 3 seriously ill, one of them in a coma.

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Red flags were raised in 2016 (I think) and some work stations checked but nothing was found. Yep that why my lunch box goes with me to my work cubby… trust no one people at work are not your friends. I remember my dad telling me that when I got my 1st office job. They will smile with u, eat with you, but remember they will do what they can to backstab u or do away with you for money, office fame, or a promotion.

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