Captain Pierce Original Swamp Gin Shirt

Captain Pierce Original Swamp Gin Shirt
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They are paid less because it’s basic mathematics. Fewer TV broadcasts, less income through women’s football, ergo less pay. Besides, I honestly think representing your nation shouldn’t offer any pay. Not to the person anyways. Maybe to a charity or something. You earn your money by playing for your club – not for your nation. Uuhm market situation. Fox paid USD 400 million for the rights of Worldcup soccer men 2018 and 2022.

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I don’t think Fox paid that for the women’s world cup soccer rights. Also, Worldcup men are way more popular than the women’s WC soccer tournament. It’s just simple. How much money does the US Soccer Federation make for both genders? As many have already said but viewers equal money. Unfortunately, women’s sports don’t get as many viewers, therefore, the revenue is less which equals less pay.

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