BMW Bob Marley and The Wailers shirt

BMW Bob Marley and The Wailers shirt
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In real life driving situations I don’t think all this tech stuff works. It actually distracts you from watching the road.BMW is becoming more and more curvy and feminine. I miss the roughness and masculine looks. Nah just give me the M2 with a manual gearbox, same price different animal  It won’t survive on Kenyan roads where every driver deserves right of way. In Germany they have car lobby which includes major brands which fix the price of their cars, if you are stupid and obedient consumer then you will buy their products.

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BMW Bob Marley and The Wailers shirt

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What an excellent idea, you can send it out for burger and fries when it’s raining outside.BMW Motorrad I had high respect for you and your vehicles, but after watching this video, I’m sorry to say that which dumb head in your team came up with the idea and who are those senior management shit heads approved something like this. Are you guys completely lost your mind.

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