Best friends for life name and name cat shirt

Best friends for life name and name cat shirt
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Also, not a gun person here, but let’s be honest – laws don’t prevent crime. Also, when my kids were in school they had bomb threats constantly. Gun laws won’t help that. Remember Boston? And what about all the knife and vehicle attacks people deal with in countries with better gun laws? Gun laws don’t prevent violence, just gun violence. It is the violence itself that is the real issue. Not nearly as far as actual shooting. Teachers and students have to be prepared or they’ll panic, make mistakes that would be fatal in an active shooter situation.

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It’s simply a precaution for the world they live in. Hell, my high school would lock doors, close blinds, and turn off lights. Then while we sit and wait in absolute silence would here the windows tapping and the door handle jingle and the door pushed on. Afterward, we would also discuss a gameplan of the situation of attack in the classroom. All done by officials and local county sheriff’s.I don’t think Americans have realized how ridiculous they look to the rest of the world right now. I hope one of those kids grows up to be a great politician and sorts out the Gun worship over there.

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