Be a unicornasaurus rex in a world of cuntasauruses shirt

Be a unicornasaurus rex in a world of cuntasauruses shirt
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Are u the pope who Grant’s forgiveness, corrupt l fathers in Africa, did he promise u something. If he is not a saint are there no better candidates to be a resident whose character is unquestionable. What a shame these people . Even u too Obasanjo .Y you know he is corrupt but u are backing him sad But before 2019 he came to beg you so many times but you didn’t forgive him instead you still exposed him more so now that you have a face off your story change.

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Look at what Baba said again, he said; “l believe Atiku will perform 2 times better than Buhari”. It means that, not that buhari did not perform o, but buhari did not give baba iyabo a chance to have control over him. I only remind baba that he said if he put Atiku forward God we not forgive him and am very very sure God will ponies Baba Obasanjo for misleading.

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