Bartender Samurai shirt

Bartender Samurai shirt
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I can’t afford to stay at any of those places. Someone suggesting gaying up those places, dressing like the sultan, throwing wild parties making fun of him and making sure it goes everywhere in social media. I don’t think it’s going to anything unless we stop consuming oil. Stopping oil consumption is what would hurt the sultan the most. Hotels for him must be peanuts. Vanity businesses.old actor sitting in with his laptop in boycotting a law which is practiced 7000 km away in another country.

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Does he know how many Americans and other people working in these hotels? Exactly, the average person wouldn’t be able to afford to stay at one of these hotels. So that’s not going to bother them much. Don’t the Golden Globes host at one of these hotels? When one single individual gets all the support n protection only to siphon out oil wealth to the rich countries, nobody seems to have cared…. only now the celeb campaign has started.I don’t think other countries are going to stop buying oil and why are celebrities caring about this now. That’s laws have existed in many other places for a long time now.

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