Autism mom I wear blue for autism awareness shirt

Autism mom I wear blue for autism awareness shirt
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Autism mom I wear blue for autism awareness women shirt

My three year old is autistic and not speaking much yet. It’s always refreshing to see spectrum kids who are not only verbal but able to express their thoughts. I hope one day I get to know what my little guy is thinking. Thank you for sharing your story, Garrett.Fellow aspie and very socially awkward person here! I know you will have a normal life, sometimes what others view as your faults turn out to be your greatest attributes!

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I currently work as a learning facilitator for an early intervention program for children with autism, I absolutely love my job and can 100% see myself doing for the next 20 years or so! Some times I understand the kids on a different level as I can put myself in their shoes and usually figure out why they are having their meltdown. My autism is what makes me awesome at my job and I’m sure you will find out where you are meant fit in in this crazy world too.

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